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Санкт-Петербургское государственное казенное учреждение "Агентство внешнего транспорта"

The Organization of Traffic and Infrastructure of Trucks and Freight Rail Transport

21 ноября 2018



  • Conduct measures for the Organization of Freight Transport in order to improve its safety and capacity;
  • Development, implementation, and management of the supervision system of freight vehicles on the roads of St. Petersburg;
  • Informing the population about the organization of the traffic of freight vehicles, use of transport infrastructure, and the actions of external transport;
  • Development and implementation of access control of freight truck traffic in St. Petersburg, located on the Ring Road;
  • Provision for issuance of special permits for the usage of St. Petersburg roads to vehicles, transporting heavyweight or oversized freight, as well as reconciliation of routes for such vehicles in cases, stipulated by acting legislation;
  • Development and realization of measures to establish a system of parking for trucks with the ability to dispatch departures;
  • Development of suggestions on reconstruction, major maintenance, and maintenance of parts of the street network in order to increase its capacity by changing the set up of separate parts of the carriageway;
  • Development and realization of actions on placement of weight control points in St. Petersburg;
  • Development and realization of actions, aimed at decrease in the influence of railroad transport on the street network, including execution of works on dismantling of railroads at places of intersection with St. Petersburg roads;

Management Structure

  • Management of the Organization of Traffic and Infrastructure of Trucks and Freight Rail Transport
  • Department on Development of Infrastructure of Truck and Freight Rail Transport
  • Department on Permit Issuance and Reconciliation