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Санкт-Петербургское государственное казенное учреждение "Агентство внешнего транспорта"

The Water Transport Department

21 ноября 2018


Water Transport Management 

  • Monitoring of the execution of track works, provision of navigation safety, as well as the execution of other activities, aimed at the provision of St. Petersburg water transport functionality;
  • Monitoring of the organization of self-propelled vessel traffic management on the rivers and channels of St. Petersburg;
  • Organization of design, construction, equipment, as well as maintenance of water transport and hydro-technical infrastructure, including embankments, piers and stops of the unified system of city passenger transportation via St. Petersburg water transport, owned by St. Petersburg;
  • Realization of investment projects in the field of water transport service organization;
  • Organization of dispatcher management of St. Petersburg water transport and informational exchange between water transport subjects and state authorities;
  • Equipment of parking areas for self-propelled vessels and provision of their maintenance on the territory of St. Petersburg;
  • Organization and provision of services on transfer and storage of small vessels at specialized parking areas, their registration and return to their owners;
  • Monitoring of the impact of St. Petersburg internal water transport on the environment, including collection of information on pollution of the St. Petersburg waterways;  


Management Structure

  • Water Transport Management Phone: 576-07-70
  • Department on Water Transport Infrastructure
  • Department on Provision of navigation on St. Petersburg Waterways